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Our history

Our passion for natural skin and hair care and our respect for nature is the heart of our company. We were founded on 1 February 2006 under the name SAMA natur by Sandie Majken Gade and Niki Gade. Our journey started as a hobby business, but our effective and handmade cream, SAMA, for dry, sensitive and irritated skin, became a great success. Driven by this success, we created Afrodite's shed and SAMA nature in 2006 to reach more customers.

We aspired to offer our products through external dealers, but the financial crisis of 2009 changed our plans and we chose to focus on our own sales channels. Paying homage to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, the name Aphrodite's Shed was chosen as our retail name. We were inspired by nature and wanted to create products that could bring both outer beauty and inner well-being with respect and love for our surroundings.

We developed our range and introduced the berkana URUZ series in 2009. This series was characterized by its wonderful fragrances, inviting colors and effective products for different skin types. We wanted to create a sensory experience for our customers by adding natural colors and essential oils to our products. Unfortunately, the berkana URUZ series did not become the success we hoped for and we decided to end it in October 2011.

Then we launched the SAMA white series in February 2012. This series was developed to be hypoallergenic and free of fragrance and color. We wanted to offer a product that was gentle on sensitive skin and free of unnecessary chemicals. Today, the SAMA white range is known as SAMA skincare and continues to provide skin care products without fragrance and colour.

In March 2010, puritas.dk and SAMA natur were merged under yiati group, the sole proprietorship run by Niki Gade. We simplified our structure by bringing together wholesale and production under the same umbrella. Today we are called FjordEng, which is inspired by the Scandinavian landscape. A very warm welcome.

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